Optimizing Your Athletic Performance

Designed for anyone engaged in a fitness regimen, amateur athletes and top performing professional athletes to increase their performance through targeted programs for training and injury rehabilitation

RemedyFitness provides patients live video consultation with a qualified sports fitness professional who provides services designed to enhance performance and fitness levels for high performance athletes. The program focus is on optimizing the performance through numerous disciplines, providing fitness advice at their convenience.

Health and Fitness Consulting

Our highly qualified exercise professionals are specially trained in general and advanced health and fitness consultation. If you are an individual that is new to exercise or that has just returned to exercise, our experts are there to meet your specific needs and goals. Our staff will take you through individualized action items to optimize the health benefits of becoming more physically active. This service is particularly relevant for those that have low health-related physical fitness (e.g., low aerobic fitness and/or muscular strength and endurance).

Weight Management (together with RemedyNutrition)

We recognize that many individuals have an elevated body weight placing them at increased risk for the development of chronic diseases (such as heart disease and diabetes). We also recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for the effective prevention of weight gain. If you have extra weight and would like to receive individualized recommendations based on your unique goals and needs, then this service is perfect for you. Our qualified exercise professionals will provide exercise prescriptions based on the latest and best evidence. Our integrated process allows our professionals to work with other member services of Remedy on an holistic plan to provide you with a comprehensive approach to the prevention of obesity.


We recognize that a significant proortion of the global population live with high blood pressure. Becoming more physically active is an important means of reducing the risks associated with hypertension for chronic conditions. Our qualified exercise professionals are able to provide individualized exercise prescription based on the latest best practice guidelines.

Athletic School & University Team Consulting

Our team has established expertise in high performance and grass-roots athletics. As such our qualified exercise professionals can work with individual athletes, coaches, and teams to develop effective exercise plans.

Professional Team Sports Consulting

Our team includes world-renowned high performance physiologists, sports medicine physicians, and coaches. As a team we work annually with thousands of high performance athletes, including numerous national teams. We are able to bring this knowledge and experience to RemedyFitness. Our qualified exercise professionals are specially trained to work with high performance athletes, coaches, and team administrators.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

RemedyFitness Physiotherapy provides patients live video consultation with an experienced Physiotherapist who provides services designed to help patients who have specific injuries to manage and rehabilitate those injuries.  Physiotherapy will also to help you evaluate the nature/severity of your injury and can provide information/guidance to help you manage your injury effectively. For chronic injuries/conditions, a physiotherapist can work with you to monitor your condition and guide you for symptom relief or exercise progression.