Empowering you to make informed food and lifestyle choices to enhance your health through better nutrition

Supports weight management (weight loss, weight gain, weight control), diabetes management and education, Gestational weight management, childhood nutrition planning, healthy heart diet advice, digestive health and general nutrition advice for promoting a healthy life;
Plans are designed to maintain your enthusiasm and effort to continue with your customized dietary plans.

RemedyNutrition provides patients with a live video consultation with registered dieticians who work with you to manage all illnesses augmented by special dietary modifications such as: Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Digestive Health, Heart Health and many more.

With the assistance of your Nutrition Consultant you will jointly devise a customized care plan. Our consultants can provide a detailed assessment and clear and concise education focused on empowering you to take control of your eating habits and general health.

Follow up and online support is available to help you maintain your enthusiasm and efforts to continue with your plan. We also provide ongoing assistance when you face challenges, and modify your nutritional care plan where necessary.

Weight Management

Overweight and or obesity pre-dispose an individual to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, gallstones, asthma, snoring or sleep apnea and overall poor quality of life. Achieving and maintaining even a modest amount of weight loss can reduce the severity of illnesses associated with extra weight. Excess weight is caused by a multitude of factors such as genetic, social and cultural, metabolic and behavioural which makes it a complex process to handle; as such, weight loss programs claiming quick and effortless fixes are doubtful.

For those who need to gain weight, gaining or regaining weight can be just as difficult as losing weight. When weight gain attempt is carried in a careful and healthy eating way, it can achieve lasting results; many of the same basic principles apply to both gaining and losing weight effectively.

A realistic nutritional care plan will be prepared for you based on the goals we set mutually. The nutrition advice and recommendations will be individualized to meet your lifestyle, food preferences and other relevant considerations.

Follow up and online support is available to help you keep your enthusiasm and effort to continue with your plan. As well we provide ongoing assistance when you face challenges and modify your nutritional care plan where necessary.

Nutritional Management of Diabetes 

Remedy Nutrition provides patients a management program for you to manage your Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes condition. With the assistance of your Nutrition Consultant you will jointly devise a customized care plan. Our consultants (who are Dietary Educators) can provide a detailed assessment and clear and concise education focused on empowering you to take control of your diabetes. Learn how to deal with your meal plan when eating out, traveling and how to adjust your food intake during different levels of exercise intensity.  Whether you have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, or are at risk for developing diabetes, we can help you to take control and manage your symptoms/illness through diet and lifestyle changes. We help you build a plan in conjunction with the medication and Remedy you have been prescribed by your physician. The goal of managing the illness is to prevent complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease, nerve damage, sexual problems, and to assist you to live a full and healthy life.

Management of Eating Disorder

If you have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge-eating disorder and are under your family physician’s care, we can provide you with help and support in managing your condition at home. As well, couples or families effected by an eating disorder can receive counselling and support.  Clinical counsellors, psychologists, registered dieticians, and family therapists experienced in eating disorder Remedy are available to help and support you.

Nutritional Management of Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you had a recent heart attack or suffer from heart failure, have been diagnosed with clogged arteries, had a recent bypass surgery, or heart transplant you need to enrol in a cardiac rehabilitation program to reduce your risks and prevent the progression of heart disease. An individualized nutrition management plan is one of the important components of your cardiac rehabilitation program to ensure prevention of progression.

Nutritional Management of Heart Health

If you have risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease this program is to help you lower your risks and prevent development of the disease. The special nutritional plan will help improve your cardiovascular health and keep the risk factors at check.

Nutritional Management of Food Allergies And Intolerances

If you suffer from food allergy and or food intolerance, understand the rationale behind it to enable you to manage avoiding the food without compromising on healthy eating and adequate nutrient intake. Discuss top ten foods known to cause adverse reactions and how to manage meal planning around them. Learn a practical approach in identifying foods which may cause the allergy or adverse reaction and how to manage life threatening food allergies. 

Nutritional Management of Digestive Disorders

Whether you are suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance), irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, dysphasia or gastroesophageal reflux disease, the right foods may be a cure or an adjunct for other therapies and prevent malnutrition.

Nutritional Management of Pregnancy

Pregnancy weight gain is normal as your baby's growth and development depend on it; however “Eating for two” does not necessarily mean to eat twice as much as usual. Practicing healthy lifestyle habits is important to control your pregnancy weight gain, support your baby's health and make it easier to loose the extra pounds after delivery. More foods can affect your health or your baby's than you might realize. Find out what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Childhood Nutrition Management

The most rapid growth and developmental period of an infant’s life is during the first year where adequate nutrition is crucial. Preferred choice of infant feeding during the first year is breast feeding for the normal growth, development and immunological protection of the infant. Advice on appropriate supplementation of breastfeeding and the introduction of complementary foods will be provided based on individual assessments of mother and baby. It is important to introduce the most appropriate complementary foods at the right time to avoid developmental or other feeding issues later on in the life of the child.

Between ages of one to four, children tend to be picky eaters where they like to explore and try different foods. It is critical to help children choose and accept nutritious foods for lifelong healthy eating habits. Also regular food habits, eating frequency and times should be established during this phase up to adolescence.

The second largest growth and development period in a child is during adolescence, where adequate nutrient intake is essential for growth, bone mass development and sexual maturity.

Sport Nutrition

Choosing the appropriate food and portions can help achieve your training goals; we can help by assessing your current practices, your training objectives and a food diary. If you already are focused on nutritional impact on training and endurance, we can provide you with additional tips and dispel nutrition/athletic myths. We can help determine your ideal weight and caloric needs to meet your training program, what and when to eat to optimize your training and performance.

Nutritional Management of Vegetarian Eating

Vegetarian diets meet all nutritional requirements for all ages if well planned and balanced.

If you are a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, vegan or an athlete who is vegetarian, choosing the right plant foods in quantities to ensure adequate nutrient intake required for growth, healthy living and athletic endurance is a balancing act. We can help you prepare a customized food intake plan to meet your individual needs; for children, adolescents, pregnant women, lactating mothers, athletes and elderly.

General Nutrition Information From: Nutrition Myths; How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out and Traveling

Food is an important part of daily living and not only for nutrient intake and sustenance but it is also used for comfort, entertainment, to kill boredom and as an adjunct for medical Remedy to many aliments. Since everybody has to eat, many feel the sense of entitlement to be considered as nutrition experts therefore advice and information flows freely in today’s media. There are several credible sources of sound nutrition information such as: universities through their research findings, government health organizations, non- profit health associations (Diabetes Association, Heart and Stroke Association, World Health Organization and more), scientific journals and publications, medical journals and publications; these are just a few examples.

In today’s communication world, the internet is full of health and nutrition information many of which do not have any scientific base and at best it could be based on anecdotal information. Some provide nutrition information to enable them to sell a product; others are genuinely trying to help when some nutrient intake has worked for them. What works for one individual to maintain a healthy weight may not work for another as each individual is unique and requirements are individualized. There are an many bogus claims and false nutrition information which may be harmful if not fully researched before following the advice or information.

What is natural food? Is organic food really organic? And what does that mean? Is protein the best food? Do you need vitamin and mineral supplementation? Is liquid diet healthy? Join us and learn through evidence based practice and research to make informed decision in your nutrition health.