Improve Your Quality of Life and Your Longevity

Supports a better lifestyle through management of hypertension, cardiac fitness and improved weight management for those with congestive heart conditions.

Heart Health is a complex issue with many contributing factors.  Although genetics plays a large role, the greater percentage of Risk Factors are influenced by  our day to day lifestyle choices. Remedy-Cardiac is designed to help individuals manage the Risk Factors that are impacting their cardiac health.  Through education and ongoing monitoring, clients develop a relationship with their Remedy Professional that fosters the level of accountability and compliance necessary to reduce their individual risk profile.

A  wide variety of cardiac conditions can be supported: Coronary Artery Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, various Arrhythmias’ and those individuals requiring Primary Prevention.  All individuals must be ‘stable’ and cleared by their Physician prior to initiating the program.  Remedy will provide ongoing support through a rigorous lifestyle management program that accounts for any ongoing symptoms and adapts programs to account for possible changes in symptomatology.  Remedy is designed to provide support as required and will actively communicate with the clients Physician at the request of the client.